Kwesi Pratt Exposes Bawumia

Kwesi Pratt Jnr, Insight Managing Director

Veteran journalist and Managing Editor of The Insight newspaper has pooh-poohed Vice President Bawumia’s town-hall meeting last week, saying “it was no town hall meeting but a controlled meeting.”

Speaking on Radio Gold’s current affairs and news analysis show, ‘Alhaji & Alhaji’ on Saturday, Mr. Kwesi Pratt cautioned Ghanaians not to believe the explanation that the gathering which attracted members of Government Economic Management Team was a town hall meeting where any Ghanaian could take part without restrictions.

“This was a controlled meeting. In the morning of the so-called town hall meeting, I heard announcement to the effect that 500 institutions and individuals had been deliberately invited and that those of us who were not invited should go to the Ministry of Information for permission.

So this is no town hall meeting. This was a controlled meeting,” he stated.

Taking his bite on the substance of the town hall meeting, Mr. Pratt said absolutely nothing in terms of policy came from Dr. Bawumia and the NPP government since they took office in 2017.

He alluded to the fact the International Monetary Fund (IMF) policy that the Mahama administration was following is the same policy that the Nana Addo-Bawumia administration is also doing.

“I think that sometimes these leaders think we are all idiots that anything they tell us, we will believe. The IMF programme which came out of the Senchi Consensus is what they are also implementing. So where is their original programme. Why are they boasting,” the veteran journalist wondered.

According to Pratt, the reduction of benchmark value will not necessarily result in the reduction of import duties.

“This benchmark value thing is a Kwaku Ananse story. Benchmark values are just figures that customs keep to themselves for administrative purposes. How many people in Ghana know about benchmark values?

Benchmark value is a just a standard or indicative price that customs use as cost of import items per unit. So when you import something and there are doubts over the cost, customs will apply their benchmark value before calculating duty.”

Mr. Pratt has accordingly advised all Ghanaians to wake up and not be deceived by the political class.


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