Kweku Baako Advises Police Service to Redeploy CID Boss


Managing Editor of Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, has advised the Ghana Police Service to redeploy embattled Director-General of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Maame Tiwaa Addo Danquah, for her gaffe over the Takoradi kidnapped girls.

The call comes on the back of demands by family of the kidnapped girls and many Ghanaians in general calling for the CID Director-General to quit.

He indicated that cynicism and skepticism that people express lately about CID policies and decisions is overwhelming and the need for the Service to deflect such opinions sooner than later.

Kweku Baako who was speaking Saturday morning on Joy Fm’s Newsfile hosted by Sampson Lardy Anyenini said, “The CID today is high-profiled and everybody is talking about the department. I don’t want a situation where her career would be truncated or destroyed.”

According to him, Maame Tiwaa will do herself a lot of good if she puts in the request to be redeployed from the CID to another sector within the system, indicating she is not the first police officer to be subjected to serious public attack but stressed in her case, “it is self-inflicted.”

He described the predicament of the CID boss as unfortunate and lamented her current credibility crisis, stressing she is a very fine officer who has done so well in the service with remarkable rise in career.

“This is a service that has not produced too many women of her stature and for her to break through the barrier and get to this position is brilliant. I salute her.”

“So I was really disappointed when she made that statement about the whereabouts of the girls and telling the family to keep on keeping on.”

“I was one of the few who backed her and yet insisted there was no need for the disclosure. Just find and bring them to their families.”

According to Kweku Baako, no police officer or agency should ever make such public statements if they do not have the exact answers of what they are putting across.

He argued that Maame Tiwaa’s explanation on Atinka FM that she was giving hope and courage to the police by her statement even worsens her earlier statement of the girls being found.

“How do you give the police hope by holding a press conference and telling absolute lies? It is a very sad development,” he said.

Private legal practitioner and law lecturer at GIMPA, Clara Kowlaga Beeri Kasser-Tee, also a panelist on the programme, described the conduct of the CID Boss as indefensible.

“You really want to defend her but if you are honest to yourself, and you should always be, the truth is this is not defensible.”

“Assuming it was even true they did found the girls, was it professional to announce it to the media at a press conference and not the family,” she queried?

According to her, every expert owes a personal responsibility to be professional in their field and office and stressed, “A public security officer owes a duty to be candid to the people and owes a duty to act in the best welfare of the Ghanaian people.”

The situation, Clara Kasser-Tee stressed, is sad but indicated every Ghanaian must learn a lesson from it to be professional at all time, candid and act in the best welfare of the people.


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