Kuami Eugene mocked by fans for putting on a GHC 5 boxer shorts

Kuami Eugene

When it comes to celebrities and fashion then Kuami Eugene of Lynx Entertainment fame has really suffered in the hands of some fashion police on social media for they always see his outfit as inappropriate and doesn’t suit his celebrity status.

The ‘Confusion’ hitmaker has once again given himself to the fashion police as he suffered from another wardrobe malfunction. This time around they choose his boxer shorts to be precise.

Kuami Eugene who was only trying to flaunt his 6 packs to his ladies fans, however, ended up being scrutinized by some fans who noticed that the boxer shorts he’s wearing are those sold cheap in the open market.

“The Boxer Shorts be What Design! Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger??? Rockstar Nie ??”, a fan mocked.