Korle-bu set to open new intensive care unit

Management of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital has disclosed that it will soon open a new Intensive Care Unit(ICU) to reduce the pressure on the hospital’s facilities.

Photos of patients sitting in plastic chairs, in corridors, lying on the floors to receive treatment at Korle-Bu went viral on social media on Monday, sparking public outrage with many questioning the environment patients were being treated in.

The hospital in a bid to decongest the 36-bed Surgical medical emergency unit which was overwhelmed with over 60 patients, informed other health facilities that it will not take more referrals.

But speaking to journalists on Thursday, July 12, the Chairman of the Senior Staff Association, Charles Ofei-Palm has said the new ICU will help the hospital deal with emergency cases and overcrowding at the hospital.

“There is a new intensive care unit we are about to open and once that is opened, we will be able to deal with some of the challenges at the current emergency center. Overcrowding at the center will be a thing of the past,” he stated.

In the long-term, he said, “We need to expand our facility to meet the current demand of emergency cases.”