It’s a lie, Kasoa magistrate doesn’t use chamber pot – MCE to CJ

Chief Justice

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Kasoa, Michael Yaw Ashman Mensah, has dismissed claims by Chief Justice Sophia Akuffo that the District Court Magistrate, Felicia Gandezi, uses a chamber pot because there are no washrooms at the court.

The Chief Justice apparently made the observation while touring the Kasoa court in the Central Region and said the court risked closure by the end of the year if the lapse were not rectified.

During the tour, Ms Gandezi, according to reports, showed the Chief Justice the alleged chamber pot she uses in the absence of a washroom at the facility.

But the MCE has been telling a different story.

He said there are eight toilets at the assembly where the court is situated and the judge in question has been given a key to one for her exclusive use.

Mr Mensah said: “The Chief Justice didn’t express any feeling or if you like perception of any wrong condition here, only for me to get to office and be bombarded with calls from all over the world that we don’t have any toilet facilities at the assembly because the court room that shares the building with the assembly has no toilet facility and for that matter the judge uses chamber pot.

“That is so bad to hear,  I’m putting on record that we’ve toilet facilities for the judge in this complex…”