Invasion of bed mugs hampers our services – Ho prison officers

Authorities of Ho central prison cries of high increase in bedbugs as inmates exceeds the number the standardized number of intake.

The bed mag invasion which keeps driving officers out of the prison according to authorities was a challenged.

It is also established that, the overcrowding nature of the inmate had been moved from the standardized number from 100 to 400 occupying a room.

This increasing trend, according to authorities had called for the influx of these bed mags affecting the health of the people.

It is also reported that, the congestion number had made lots of the inmates standing and squatting to give space to others to lay down their head.

This issue the Volta Regional Commander of the Prison Service, Mr Victor Agbelengor, stated was affecting the service as well in the discharge of duties.

“We need the whole society to come on board because the inmates are our own brothers, sisters and children. We need assistance in making the place more conducive for the reformation of the inmates,” Mr Agbelengo stated.

The prison had earlier commissioned two new offices for use by its Technical Services Department and the Chaplaincy but still complains of lack of space as the number keeps on increasing each day.