Instagram Is Taking a Bold Step to Hush Your Loud Followers

The Facebook-owned photo sharing app, which currently boasts of about 500 active daily users, has moved to ensure you stop seeing and having to sit through a gazillion incessant posts daily. This was achieved, earlier today, by introducing a way to mute accounts, giving users a way to continue following accounts without seeing their posts all the time.

The mute button has definitely been at the top of Instagram Users’ wish list (mine included) since forever. The introduced mute feature sounds almost exactly like Facebook’s.

Instagram says it could be a helpful feature for “managing complex social dynamics.” Perhaps a less aggressive option than out rightly unfollowing or blocking that ex-lover, insensitive colleague, that showoff acquaintance or that cyber bully you cannot seem to get rid of.

Muted accounts posts will no longer appear in your feed. They will also not be made aware that they have been muted, and users can unmute accounts at any time.

As with muted Whatsapp statuses, users can conveniently visit said accounts profile pages to see posts and get notified about comments or posts they’re tagged in.

Unlike Facebook’s “snooze” feature for timeline posts and Whatsapp’s mute feature for contact chat notifications, this does not expire after a set period of time.

Users can mute accounts by tapping the “…” in the corner of the post and choosing between muting posts, stories, or posts and stories.

The feature is part of a larger effort to make it easier for users to personalize their feeds based on what they want to see. It further continues Instagram’s effort to block bullying and harassment on the social network.