Inside Story: Ahmed Suale’s Murder Has State-sponsored Marks

Ahmed Suale; killed by unknown assailants

It is emerging that some rogues in the state security apparatus and government have a hand in the gruesome murder of undercover journalist, Ahmed Hussein-Saule.

A serving senior security officer told Ghanacrusader over the weekend that initial checks at the crime scene and bullet marks on the deceased body showed that “the job was expertly done by a trained professional.”

“We know ourselves and our job well. Any trained serviceman upon getting to a crime scene, will definitely know the indicators that will guide any conclusion,” he said.

“I am telling you, this Ahmed Suale thing was done by a trained personnel. Of course I am not happy at how the investigations have been done with a lot of wishy-washy. But trust me, the full facts will come out no matter how long it takes,” the senior security man assured.

Mr. David Asante Apietu, IGP

He added, “…crime is a crime. No expiry date. It will be investigated properly one day. I am not happy as a service person to be seeing this sloppy type of investigation.”

This reporter, was given exclusive access to the docket of Ahmed Suale at the Police Headquarters over the weekend. Nothing substantial has so far been gathered by investigators tasked to unravel the circumstances surrounding the killing in cold blood of the Tiger Eye reporter.

Another security service personnel who works at the police forensic laboratory told Ghanacrusader the investigation should have produced interesting leads by now since it is easy to do deep analysis on the slain journalist’s body and the recovered bullets.

With the case of the latter, he said: “We can determine which magazine the bullets were discharged from in the case that the firearm is registered.”

No real progress has been made so far in the shooting of Ahmed Hussein-Saule on January 16 this year at Madina while he was driving home. The murder followed the release of the investigative documentary piece “Number 12” which exposed corruption in the Nyantakyi-led Ghana Football Association. Journalists including Ahmed Suale who contributed in the investigation received death threats.

The Police administration had indicated that 13 suspects were interrogated in connection with the murder. While two persons were arrested, it later appeared that they were not connected at all to the incident, forcing the police to release them.

The Ghana Police Service, Ghanacrusader can state on authority is not united in professional service delivery at the moment. Little fracas exist among the top brass with some having political undertones. And the Inspector General, who is the executive head certainly has a task to put his feet down and put the law enforcement organ back on its track of “Service with Integrity.”

There is currently an uneasy calm in Ghana over the safety of journalists. While Joy News reporter Manasseh Azure is reportedly seeking asylum in South Africa after his work on dreadful militia vigilantes in the NPP government received death threats, others have been abducted and tortured by national security operatives on flimsy charges. A number of state-sponsored closures were recently carried on radio stations perceived to be critical of government.

And Ghana continues to slide down the the list of countries ranking in world press freedom.

Stay tuned for more disclosures on Ahmed Suale’s murder!









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