Indiscipline in the capital city, as cattle take over Dansoman Exhibition Roundabout

In this modern age 2018, here in the capital city Accra stray cattle were seen unfortunately grazing the lawns of Dansoman Exhibition round about as at 8:45 am on Thursday 21st June 2018.

The question is, why do city authorities sit aloof for such things to happen because they fail to properly regulate the cattle business and call the managers of such business to order.

This clear situation is not befitting for a capital city of Accra’s status, if not handled well also the situation will then get out of hands .

Its high time the city authorities are up and doing concerning this cattle business and sanitation issues in the capital city as a whole .

This should not leave only the city authorities to bow their heads in shame but we as citizens also for our indisciplined nature towards our environment .

We admire how other countries have trained its citizens to keep their environment clean but we lack the effort to inculcate such habits as citizens .

This indscipline nature should not be named among us Ghanaians the city authorities should be on its be up and doing to help complement efforts to keep our environment neat .