Improper Discharge Of LPG Triggered Atomic Junction Gas Explosion -GNFS Discloses

The Ghana National Fire Service says it has established the cause of the explosion at the Gas Filling Station at Atomic Junction near Madina.

The Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Service, Prince Billy Anaglate, said the cause is part of a comprehensive report to be submitted by the Fire Service to the Interior Minister by the close of the week.

Speaking on Radio Ghana’s Current Affairs Program “Focus”, Mr. Anaglate said the cause has to do with wrong procedure in the discharge of Liquefied Petroleum Gas by the tanker. He said the “khebab” theory about the explosion should be disregarded.

Going forward, Mr. Anaglate said the Ghana National Fire Service is going to certify individuals working at fuel and gas stations.

He said any one without Ghana National Fire Service Certificate should not be engaged, so as to bring some sanity into the industry and also reduce the number of accidents.

The Chief Executive of the Bureau of Public Safety, Nana Yaw Akwadaa, said reports of such fire investigations must be made public.

He said the situation where such reports are not made public tends to create some doubts in the minds of the people.

Mr. Akwadaa said making such investigative reports public will make citizens aware of what measures to take in similar fire situations.

An Energy Expert, Kojo Poku, called on the Ghana National Fire Service to embark on a comprehensive training program for all fuel and gas filling attendants.

This, he noted will go a long way to avert some of these accidents.