I Was Stabbed In The Dark-Kwesi Nyantakyi


The absorbing narrative of the Ghana football corruption expose; the famed “Number 12” video, that moved passions when damning revelations of the misdeeds of supposedly infallible football administrators was brought before the full glare of the dumbfounded Ghanaian public, was given another major stir when, after months of silence, the man in the very center of this reeking storm,Kwesi Nyantakyi spoke.

Nyantakyi had been behind the wall for so long that it seemed he would never speak but when he did, accusing fingers were pointed far and near. The sure central target of his murmur was Tiger Eye Private investigations, a firm run by hailed investigative journalist,Anas Aremeyaw Anas which pulled out the skeletons in the cupboard of the Ghana Football Association(GFA) and its boss.

However, an astonishing element to the whole piece emerged when Nyantakyi, speaking on Oman FM in Accra, purported that people in Ghana football who did not like him paid four hundred thousand United States dollars to Anas to bring him down. He implied that Anas was spurred on by elements within Ghana football who wanted to see the end of him.

In an unsurprisingly, animated posture, Nyantakyi who remains banned from all football related activities by the Federation of International Football Associations(FIFA) said; “the project that he did against me was a sponsored project. People in the GFA who did not like me payed 400,000 US dollars for Anas to do that”.

However, it appears his rant may have done little to change public perception as many still hold strong views about Nyantakyi and believe the former football administrator is using the slow work of the normalization committee instituted by FIFA to run Ghana football to try to sway a bit of public affection his way.


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