“I Prefer Having Sex With My Father,” Ghanaian Lady Says

The lady seated in the studio

A 24-year-old- Ghanaian lady stunned listeners when she admitted to having repeated sexual encounters with her biological father in a radio interview on Takoradi-based station, Fox FM.

The lady(whose name has been withheld for obvious reasons) says she did not care about society’s condemnation of the act, insisting that sleeping with her dad is now a habit she cannot stop.

Admitting to having a boyfriend, the young woman who claims to have been sleeping with her father for the past four years also confessed that the financial comforts she derives from the relationship justified her decision to go down the sexual way with him.

Unfazed by criticisms, she remains unapologetic and insists she is responsible for her own actions.

“I don’t see anything wrong with what am doing,” she says.


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