I am single and doing well – Vicky Zugah


By Barbara Esinam Bonney

Ghanaian actress and mother of two, Vicky Zugah, has revealed that a guy she has been chatting with after her failed relationship with Bolt, Big Brother Africa contestant, could not “go somewhere” and that they had drifted apart.

She made the statement in an interview with Showbiz.

“Currently, I am single and doing well. Yes, I was talking to someone but it did not work out as I thought it would, so I just had to move on.” According to her, the guy was not decent and that was the cause of their breakup.

She said, “He asked for nude pictures so I had to block him everywhere. I mean, yes we have been talking but had not met before so why would you ask for nude pictures when I have not seen you before?”

She continued, “That was the low point for me, some of us are decent and do not do our things like that.”
It is not surprising that she is single and seemingly doing well, as she said in a
Facebook live video on 23rd March 2019 that, “Happiness comes from within and
not from a marriage or your spouse, and that it is not every woman who is born to
marry, some want to have a good career, travel around the world and be happy.”


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