“I Am Disappointed In The CID Boss” – Kennedy Agyapong


Outspoken Member of Parliament for Assin central has expressed disappointment in the police CID boss for not recognizing his efforts in identifying the killers of the slained investigative journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale.

According to the Assin central legislator,he hired the services of special land guards to track down the murderers of Ahmed Suale after he had information that some neighbours had seen the murderers and could identify them so they hired someone to go undercover with support from some special land guards.

Mr Agyapong, who is obviously unhappy about the Press Conference by the CID Boss on the murder without giving him credit for the work he did to help them said, the CID is tarnishing his image.

He said the work he paid his boys to do was supposed to be done by the police.

“I am very disappointed in Ghana Police because every work I did with my boys, it was the job of the police to do that. Anas Aremeyaw Anas and Maame Yaa Tiwah are both aware of what is going on,” he said.

“It is a shame for Tiwaah to even hold that press conference or make that statement. The Police have made up their mind to tarnish my image and God will punish them. I hired someone at Madina to go undercover after Ahmed’s death and we received information that some neighbours saw the killers,” he explained.

“I later hired the services of land guards to bring the pictures of the two guys to me and we started monitoring them. I am working hand in hand with Ahmed’s brothers and that is how we caught the two guys” he added.

“The police did not do anything. Ghana police will not do anything for you, everybody has to defend themselves at any given time so don’t rely on Ghana Police. They do not know anything”, Kennedy Agyapong revealed.


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