Hilarious Video: Moh & FM Out With ‘Low Tension’


Ghanacrusader’s pair of Moh and FM are the new sensation in Ghanaian comedy.

Just few minutes of their show “Low Tension” making a debut today, a record breaking over 700 subscribers on You Tube have attached their emotions to it.

Moh, real name Jude Louis Darkwa and FM, real name Fred Ackumey, describe themselves as “Fooling Family” of fast-growing media outlet, Primeval Media Ghana Limited.

According to them, ‘Low Tension’ aims to “download the stress-free aspect of life.”

“We only aim to take the lighter side of life events. But don’t follow us too much on what we do else they will fire you from your job,” said Jude.

The show’s concept is developed and produced by Yayra Coffie. Video is shot by Ebenezer Botwe aka Xcoby.

Moh disclosed that “Low Tension” will be produced every day with many episodes. The show will be available for viewing on ghanacrusader’s accounts on You Tube, Facebook and Instagram.

‘Low Tension’ is also available on the news portal www.ghanacrusader.com

Watch the maiden edition below:


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