Health Alert: 4 reasons ladies should not sleep with bra on

October  is the month of breast cancer awareness and hey beautiful ladies, these are few ‘don’ts’ that  if you should take, these precautionary measures will help have a healthy breast and body as well.

As ladies, you  should constantly be reminded of the dangers involved in sleeping with their bra on, and these are few reasons you should sleep without a bra. Do not worry, you won’t be harassed!

  1.   Sleeping with a brazziere on, constricts blood circulation especially when it’s a sports bra because this makes circulation around  the pectoral muscles unable to flow affecting the nerves in the arms  and this can also hurt your breast tissue.


  1.     The backstrap of the bra  tends to give the already tired lady constant backache and restlessness as a result of not getting enough sleep.


  1.    Another scary situation is the development of breast fungus,  due to the warm and moist environment , the fungus finds the place very comfortable as a  breeding ground. You don’t want to wake up with weird body rash in between your  precious boobs, right!
  2.    Developing skin irritation is the last thing you would probably want to be dealing with.

Sleeping with your beautiful pink bra on can probably make the holes at the backstrap protrude through your skin, and actually causing lesions or even cysts if left for too long (especially if your bra is underwire) you might not notice the slight pain during the night .

Although there are arguments from medical  fields concerning the fact that wearing bra in the night causes breast cancer that does not mean that  as ladies we should not take proper care of our breast .

Ladies should take note the wearing of bra at night does not hold your breast firm, like we are made to believe.

Save your breast now!

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