Gutter-to-Gutter Soccer League Rocks Cape Coast

The story of many Ghanaian footballers remains a fascinating one with most of them involved in ‘crazy’ football activities which has aided in unearthing talents.

Football events like ‘Four Corners’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Munchede’ encapsulate the broad nature of how football has being played in the past and even now.

Ghanaians are known to be very passionate about their football but the new found sensation of ‘gutter-gutter’ soccer remains a fascinating one which is gradually making ground around the country.

Some suburbs in the Cape Coast municipality of the Central Region have taken to the gutters to express the dazzling skills in the football fraternity, with the game becoming a very popular event with teaming fans.

Some Youth Enjoying The Game

A five aside team lock horns with each other playing without football boots with a crowd made up of 300-500 enjoying the thrilling football action with no referee.

It is mind burgling as to why the local league is short of spectatorship which doesn’t depict how passionate Ghanaians are about football or could it be a case of negligence on the
part of our football administrators to capitalize on this love for football to make football thrive?

The charisma and passion exhibited in these filthy environments is a testimony of how passionate the Ghanaian fan can be. If football played inside gutters can attract 500 supporters why can’t we fill an Accra Sports Stadium for a capital derby?

The stakeholders in the football fraternity will have a lot of work to do if they are to rejuvenate the dwindling sport which struggling to ascertain sponsorship at both club and the national level.

Written By: Simon Asare (@simonasare123 on twitter)

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