GRA Launches Tax Stamp Authenticator Mobile App


The Ghana Revenue Authority has today launched its tax stamp authenticator mobile app.

The tax stamp authenticator app will enable consumers and retailers to ascertain whether the product they are buying has the original stamp from GRA or its a fake stamp.

The commissioner general for GRA, Mr Kofi Nti speaking at the launch on Tuesday said, this new invention is another step in government’s partnership with private businesses to build a strong and business-friendly economy.

According to him, the GRA has realized something unscrupulous people have besieged the market with fake tax stamp after the introduction of the GRA tax stamp last year and it is the reason they have developed this app to tell original and fake tax stamp.

He urged all stakeholders and the general public to take interest in the policy and assist government to strictly enforce the law.

The Tax Stamp Policy, which emanates from the Excise Stamp Act, 2013 (Act 873), was launched in Accra last year.

Tax Stamps are small stickers with security features supplied by government to some manufacturers and importers to be affixed to their products before they are released onto the market.

The presence of the Tax Stamps on a product, therefore, provides enough guarantee of product authenticity.


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