Govt Frees Volta Secessionists


All nine suspects in the Western Togoland matter who planned declaring a new independent nation out of Ghana have been freed.

This follows the withdrawal of the matter from court by the Attorney General today.

Winnifred Sarpong, a senior State Attorney told the court this morning that they were instructed to withdraw the case against the nine members of Homeland Study Group Foundation.

The nine persons were being held on charges of treason, abetment of unlawful assembly and offensive conduct conducive to the breach of peace.

They are Mr Bisa Akorli, 54, Mr Kofi Dzereke, 39, Mr Thompson Tsigbe, 58, Mr Benjamin Agbadzada, 48, Mr Agbenyega Akudzi, 54, Mr Freemen Blikaku, 36, Mr Nkpe Tsryiri Kudzo aged 61 and Sergeant Samuel Kwabla Kpogli.

The police and military contingent swooped on them in Ho on Sunday, May 5.

According to reports, they preparing feverishly to declare a Western Togoland as an independent state on May 9, 20I9.

The group had allegedly created a constitution, an army unit and an anthem for the supposed independence declaration.

Today’s withdrawal came as a shock as government coercive apparatus of state did not treat the matter lightly during it’s formative days of arrest.

The senior State Attorney did not tell the court why the Attorney General was withdrawing the charges against the nine accused persons.


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