Ghanaians appreciate our work but cannot afford – Accra artisans reveal

The Arts Center of Accra when it comes to artisan work cannot be overlooked as that is the  main hub of most unsung artistic genius .

The artistic industry also needs to be tapped into for it to realize its full potential. had  an interview with  Kadiri Jalil  a kente frame maker at the arts center in Accra on a sunny afternoon inside their hut.

Samare Kadiri Jalil who hails from the Upper East region Bawku central , came to Accra and was introduced into this business by his Nigerian master .

With seven years experience in the arts business, he revealed that as at now business is normal and he now gets orders from both Ghanaians and Foreigners.

Jalil being  a producer also for the textile market, believes that due to the nature of the foreign economy he gains more from the foreigners though he produce more quantity for the Ghanaians.

He said ‘’ I will not lie Ghanaians appreciate our work but cannot afford  and for now we cannot compare the Ghanaian economy to for instance the European economy .

He stated that for now we appreciate the stability in the country, as that is what  brings the investors and also tourist to appreciate and buy their works.