Ghanaian lady reveals how a guy ‘chopped’ and dumped her on facebook

Facebook has become a platform for many acquaintainces to catch up on old times.

whiles people take advantage of this social media to re unite with family and friends, others consider it a dating site, taking advantage of innocent men and women, luring them into bed and scamming them of huge sums of money.

An encounter which did not go well for one lady led to sharing her resentment to her friend’s page on Facebook.

The victim who wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, revealed in a letter she sent to one Abena Magis friend, that, she was ‘chopped FALAAA’ by one guy he met on Facebook.

Check the post below….

Dear Abena,

That lady who sent you her story should not make any mistake and go after the guy. Please share my story for her to learn from it. Some guy bi chopped me free after he told me he wanted to marry me.

We met on the CitiFm page and he usually commented on my posts so I sent him a friend request. We started talking and he seemed serious from the very beginning. Within 3 days of chatting, we had already planned our family size and even type of wedding.

He and my elder brother attended the same school and it was great finding something in common so I flowed with him like that.

Abena, I went to visit him after a week of knowing him online and the guy chopped me falaaaaa. He made me pasaaaaa. Came to visit me and did same. Abena, I didn’t know he was on holidays. Nothing showed on his timeline that he was living elsewhere.

Within 2 weeks, this guy had blocked me. If I tell you that we fought or I told him something wrong then I’m lying. He only told me he had to go and visit his younger sister at her school. Abena, I did proper shopping for my future sister in law because just a week earlier, he’d taken me shopping for a Promise Ring. I had even given a testimony on my church page that I had gotten my love miracle.

Abena, I didn’t know how to get him. I went to his sister’s school and no-one was there by that name. Eiiiii. I just didn’t want to believe that he’d dumped me like that. I went to his house and finally got the Landlord’s contact. That’s when I was told that he had traveled outside again. I almost fainted hmm.

I created another account and sent him a friend request. He didn’t accept and refused to respond to my messages. After some weeks, I finally told my friends and they gave it to me well well. It was clear that this guy lied just to have sex with me but I was so desperate to be with him that I traveled all the way to a school in the North. What if something had happened to me on the way? Hmm. I’m done being this foolish.