Ghana Urged to Emulate Ethiopia’s Dev’t Model


Member of Parliament for Binduri is calling for a national development plan that will outlive any government to guide the country in its development process.

No country, he said, can develop until it has a development plan that is followed religiously regardless of what political party controls the reins of government.

Ethiopia, he said, was rated the third poorest country in the world during the year 2000 but has been able, through nationalist development plan, to escape the poverty cycle and now estimated to become the second largest economy on the continent by 2023.

The country, he said, is among the top fastest growing economies in the world currently and registered a double digit annual growth rate averaging 10.5 for the past 13 years.

Dr. Robert Baba Kuganab-Lem who made the call while contributing to a statement to commemorate the 28th National Day of Ethiopia stressed Ghana needs to pursue the example of the Horn of Africa country.

The statement was made by Dr. Emmanuel Marfo, member for Oforikrom Constituency, on behalf of the Ghana Ethiopian Parliamentary Friendship Association.

According to him, Ethiopia adopted a government-led development model with government facilitating development of the state.

“We have a situation we are not talking about the private sector as the engine of growth but rather the government as the engine of growth. A clear example is Ethiopian Airlines, which is owned by the government of Ethiopia but managed by the private sector.”

“We have a situation in Ethiopian where they realized that telecommunication is a huge source of income and the Ethiopia government controls telecommunications not only as a source of income but also as a source of protecting national integrity. What can we learn in Ghana on the success of Ethiopia,” he queried?

Dr. Robert Baba argued due to example of the Komenda Sugar Factory, national conversation has focused on how the factory is not working when this is a national investment by government and the people and yet nobody is questioning how the country should work.

“Can we imagine the amount of foreign exchange we can save as a country if the Komenda Sugar Factory is working? “
“Can we imagine the out growers and the number of farmers who will be made comfortable if they make some income through the sale of raw materials to the factory?”

According to him, the factory is not working because there is no national development plan and noted if there was a plan in the next ten years Ghana will stop importing sugar, the factory would have been put to good use to move the country forward as Ethiopia is doing.


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