Ghana-Man Series: Three Types Of Trotro Mates You Must Know 

By Barbara Esinam Bonney
As a Ghanaian, you would know that we live in a very interesting country. There is buzz and drama everywhere but we have still been able to maintain our international peace standard flawlessly.
One of the major dramatic spaces to be in, is in a trotro bus (commercial bus). There are passengers with normal, above-normal, and below-normal characters. The drivers also do have an attitude of their own, and the bus conductors, known also as mates, well here’s something more you should know about them;
1. The no nonsense type: These type of mates are already angry about something you most likely have no idea about. If you add your “angryment” to “angry” them, then you can only have yourself to blame. They do not take any form of disrespect from passengers. Also, if you happen to come across a mate like that, please make sure your bus fare is complete and intact, because they won’t spare you if the money gets short of even ten Pesewes.
2. The comedian: These type of mates are the life of the trotro party. They can do anything to make you laugh; from giving cheesy compliments to lady passengers, to calling all the male passengers “boss” with extra accolades. They can groove with the music playing in the bus, and are most likely to flirt with the female passengers. They are just loud and fun.
3. The Bougie mate: These are the mates who wear designer glasses, have the smartest of all smart phones, can slang better than your cousin from the States, and is just mad expensive. This is not the norm, as mates  are extremely modest. These mates tend to stand out a lot, because passengers wonder why they act so extra! and they do have the attitude to match.
You should keep your eye out for them, you are most likely to come across at least one of them. And if you do meet the no nonsense type, please make sure your bus fare is intact. Thank me later.


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