Ghana Loses GH₵17m In Telcos Regulatory Fees And Tax


The state has lost over GH₵17 million in regulatory fees and tax in the telecommunications sector, as a result of disruptions on fibre cables of companies in the industry.

This was made known by the Corporate Services Executive at MTN Ghana, Sam Koranteng in Kumasi over the weekend at the sidelines of a media and other stakeholder forum, while speaking to Joy FM’s sister station, Nhyira FM.

The Telecommunications Chamber he said, had the destruction of underground fibre optic cables costing mobile telephony operators in excess of $3 million last year.

Speaking at the sidelines of the program, Mr Korangteng revealed that, Telecommunications giant, MTN Ghana lost almost ₵39 million in revenue between October 2018 and February 2019, due to destruction caused on cuts on its fibre cables.

“From October last year to February this year when we did the calculations of the down times of the network, which resulted in revenue loss, we have approximately lost about ₵39 million in terms of revenue” Mr. Koranteng explained.

“If we had been able to realise that ₵39 million, in terms of taxes and regulatory fees, we have lost that money as well. For regulatory fees, we estimate it at ₵7,800 million that would have gone to NCA and GIFEC; in terms of  government of Ghana, it came up to ₵ 16 million”, he added.

According to him it costs the company almost ₵7,000 to repair each fibre optic cable destroyed. For instance, the company spent ₵7.5million on the repair of fibre optic cables in 2018.

MTN Ghana has also said, the disruption in its services caused by fibre cable cuts is on the rise, having suffered 382 incidents in a period of three months (between January and March), this year, alone.

According to the company, the Ashanti Region recorded the highest number of fibre cuts of 159, representing 41%, above that of the Western, Greater Accra and Central regions.

The phenomenon has been attributed to construction works and other, by the Corporate Services Executive at MTN Ghana, Sam Koranteng.

The Corporate Services Executive at MTN Ghana, also said, “Sometimes we suffer double fibre cuts; triple fibre cuts. On the 9th of April for example, we suffered five (fibre cuts) which brought down a significant part of this country. On the 12th of April, it went on to six fibre cuts almost simultaneously.”

Urging the public to support the fight against fibre cuts, and its attendant long-term social and economic implications, he mentioned, MTN Ghana has invested GH₵ 825 million in network and information technology improvement in 2018. It also rolled out 368 kilometers fibre optic cables to over 2,000 sites across the country.


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