Ghana Already Choking with Guns – Security Expert


Security analyst Adib Saani has warned that using legitimate means to bring in weapons into a system that is already choked is dangerous and irresponsible.
Mr. Saani who is Director of Human Security and Peace Building observed that Ghana is being stifled with more guns when she is already bedeviled with proliferation of guns and light weapons from the Sahel and sub-saharan regions of the continent.

According to him, there should have been some exercise of moral discretion about allowing in the guns, stressing government could have put the clearance of the weapons on hold until the current security challenges of vigilantism, kidnapping, murder and terrorism from Burkina Faso are well addressed.
Adib Saani spoke to Radio Gold Super Morning Show this morning on the gun scandal after government, through the information minister, had put documents into the public domain that the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) government gave permit for the importation of the guns.
Mr. Adib Saani disclosed that statistics put out by the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Center (KAIPTC) indicate there are currently well over two million illegal guns in the hands of private citizens, which have increased with the current gun importation episode.
According to him, though no offence has been committed in the importation of the guns per Section 5 of the Arms and Ammunition Act, the disturbing part of the episode is that documents of the weapons state categorically they are hunting rifles when they are actually pump-action guns.
“This is disconcerting and very frightening because on record, there is supposed to be 4,000 hunting rifles getting into the system when indeed there are 4,000 pump-action guns.”
“There is inconsistency and misrepresentation, which is very dangerous because we are going to have some of these weapons unaccounted for.”
“How long have these inconsistencies and misrepresentations going on because indications are this is not the first time.”
He noted that the law permits people to buy guns but before carrying such firearm, a license has to be obtained.
The permit he said lasts for six months and must be renewed while a gun license is subject for renewal in one year.
The Arms and Ammunition Act, he said, requires the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to compile a central register of all guns in the system through the gun registrations, which incidentally does not exist in Ghana.
He indicated that Ghana cannot be 100 percent but stressed she cannot go the way of other countries like the United States and Brazil, which record 30,000 and 40,000 gun deaths every year.
Ghana, he warned, has non-existing functional social service system and very poor legal regime compared to the US, hence more firearms in the hands of civilians are a recipe for chaos and disaster.


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