GHALCA Demands Accountability From Normalisation Committee


The Ghana League Clubs Association (GHALCA) believes the Ghana Football Association’s Normalization Committee is accountable to them. GHALCA says the accountability clause that hangs around the normalisation committee makes it liable to present a full status report on Ghana football for scrutiny.

According to GHALCA, the four-member committee headed by Dr Kofi Amoah, which was mandated by football’s world governing body to bring Ghana football to normalcy is left with no choice than to knock on their doors for information, which ought to be been communicated to them.

Mr Ebo Appiah, speaking in an interview on behalf GHALCA after their extraordinary meeting at the Accra Sports Stadium, noted that they were ready to help the NC, should they open up on their activities as well as furnish them with their monthly report.

“We believe that when you are not answerable to us why do you write to Kotoko to play in the special cup with what status? Because it’s the status that makes them a premier club or a division one club, so you can’t say you are not answerable to me. We have to get a position of peace that’s why we stayed back for them to normalize the situation but at this point, we think it’s our right to be able to speak up,” Mr Appiah observed.

“We believe that as stakeholders who spend our energy, resources and money on our players, we expect that their monthly report to FIFA is made known to us as well”.

“We also want get to know reasons why they were not able to complete their mandate, and if there is something for us to help we can because we are in the dark as to what is going on and to GHALCA, we want to know what really is going on and how we can be of help, so our football gets back to normalcy,” he said.

According to Mr Appiah, GHALCA has formed a sub-committee, which would present their petition to the NC and hoping that within a week, feedback would be given so that they will know the actual situation of Ghana football and the way forward.

“This is not about confrontation but a humble petition to the NC because clubs form about 70-80 per cent of Congress, so we need to know what is going on with our football and once they tell us, including what they have done in the past six months, we would understand why FIFA extended their mandate.

“FIFA only gave a press briefing of their extension but reasons were not mentioned. Maybe we are the cause, then we know how to help them to normalize,” he added.


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