Freddie Blay is only a guarantor of the 275 Buses – John Boadu

Freddie Blay

The Acting National Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Freddie Blay, only served as a guarantor on behalf of the party in the procurement of the 275 buses for all the NPP’s constituency arms, John Boadu, acting General Secretary of the NPP, has said.

Mr Boadu, who is also aspiring General Secretary of the NPP, on Thursday, 5 July said that: “Freddie Blay only served as a guarantor on behalf of the party during the signing of the contract to procure the buses. I [John Boadu] also signed as witness on the document.”

Mr Blay had promised ahead of the NPP’s delegates’ conference in Koforidua on Saturday, 7 July that he will gift each constituency of the party a bus.

Touching on the funding for the buses, Mr Blay told journalists on Wednesday, 4 July 2018 that: “A financial institution is helping us”.

“We’re taking a bank facility to do so. It’s self-paying… We do so for and for every constituency. It’s not about if they vote for me first before I do it. The buses are in the country. They’re in the harbour.”

Meanwhile, the documents covering the contract available to AccraFM indicate that the NPP in 2017 entered into an agreement with Senalie Group for the supply of the buses.