Former Ghana Youth Olympic Champion Laments Being Neglected


Former Ghana Youth Olympic champion, Martha Bissah, is not happy with how she has been treated over the years by authorities of her motherland. According to her, she does not have Ghana in her plans now and her only focus is on her education and career as an athlete.

She currently resides in the United States of America where she is schooling and pursuing here career as an Athlete as well. In an interview with Accra based radio station Asempa FM, she revealed what her plans as an athlete were currently.

“For now I don’t think so much about Ghana because I don’t get anything good from Ghana as a whole,” she said. In Ghana, they will lift you up and bring you down as well. They don’t need me; if somebody really needs you, they will always ask of your well-being and your welfare.

She further went on to reiterate her innocence and still did not understand why she is being tagged as the bad party in the entire 2017 episode with the Ghana Olympic Committee and her family. As a result she was handed a ban by the Ghana Athletics Association not to compete in the name of Ghana at any event.

“I have not done anything wrong; so for you to be hated for no reason, it worries a lot. For now, all my concentration is on my education because education is the key. After athletics, I think life is there so my education is important as well as my athletics career,” she added.

Five years ago, the young Martha Bissah stormed the world when she won a gold medal in the girls’ 800-meter race at the Summer Youth Olympics for Ghana.


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