Five Ghanaian Newspapers with bad performing websites

A newspaper is a serial publication containing news about current events, other informative articles on politics, sports, arts, advertising and many more.

Newspapers by their operations cannot update its readers. As a result many news websites have resulted to creating online portals to update their readers as and when the news break instead of waiting to read it in the print the next day.

As a new form of media, the online news portals are to update readers faster than any other form of medium in terms of information dissemination, whether radio or TV.

However a visit to most Ghanaians newspaper websites will shock you in regards to how often they update their news portals.

Even stories published in their respective newspapers sometimes do not find their way into the news portals. Readers are always fed with dead news each time they visit.

Now here are analysis of how some print media houses with news portals are faring with regards to their news websites and their rankings in Ghana.

Graphic Online

Graphic online is ranked the 86th most visited website in Ghana, as far as pulling of traffic to the website is concerned.

This is according to, a website ranking platform.

As a state news print, they are expected to attract more visitors to the website judging from the credible news Daily Graphic produces each day.

The website, as at Friday noon, 14:28 GMT still has the story ‘’Losing an election not easy; Mahama to Kenyans’’ on the main slider of the website. A dead story featuring as a latest story.


Daily Guide Newspaper

The daily guide newspaper is ranked 403 in Ghana. The pro New Patriotic Party (NPP) newspaper is mostly noted for being sentimental on political stories especially hitting hard on the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

One trick that works for the producers of the newspaper is their ability to grab the eyes of their readers through metaphoric headlines and the ‘’Akosua’’ caricature column. No wonder they are the most sought after private newspaper in Ghana.

On the contrary newspaper is not able to extend same enthusiasm to their readers on its website as far their ranking is concerned.

A visit to the website on Friday, August 11 has latest news on the site, but not intriguing enough to engage readers.


Business and Financial Times

The website is popularly known as the Business Online. As the name implies, their flagship stories are mostly business related, both locally and internationally.

As a newspaper that commands so much respect in the business circle in Ghana, it is very disappointing that the website does not provide the same interesting business articles to its online readers.

The website is always flooded with dead stories, some as far back a week ago. No wonder they are ranked 594 in Ghana on


The Ghanaian times

The Ghanaian Times newspaper’s website is one of the poorest performing news website in Ghana. They are currently ranked 2,287 in Ghana and 908,520 in the world. It is obvious the newspaper is not interested in promoting its product through the new media.

The company does not even have any official social media account where they can engage its readers 24/7.

The website just like the other newspaper websites also hardly update its readers with breaking or developing contents, as such online readers do not find the website worth visiting for current news update.


The New crusading Guide

The New Crusading Guide Newspaper is one of the most read newspapers in Ghana because of its revealing nature.

The newspaper is best known for conducting investigations and exposing rots within the country.

Its Editor in Chief, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako is a house hold name in the Ghanaian media circle because of his ability to intercept secrete government documents.

Just as any other company, the newspaper has a website,,.

Interestingly the website does not attract enough visitors as they are not ranked at all in Ghana by

It is not surprising the website has only 159 followers on twitter.