“FIFA’s Involvement In CAF Affairs Is Worrying and Disgraceful” – Musa Billity


Mr. Musa Hassan Bility, Executive Committee Member of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), has expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision of Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), to involve itself in the affairs of the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF).

He described the involvement of FIFA in the affairs of CAF as worrying and disgraceful.

In a press statement signed by Mr. Bility, he said FIFA’s interference in the affairs of CAF has negatively affected the organization and the reputation of its members, as it represents an external influence in their affairs.

According to the Liberian, the series of unfortunate events at CAF over the last few months have resulted in an unprecedented negative publicity for the organization and its leadership.

“My own considered opinion and proposal to my colleagues in the CAF Exco was that, the FIFA mission ought to be completely independent of CAF and must (at the end of the six months period) submit a comprehensive report to the FIFA Council and the CAF Executive Committee and report presented would include a forensic and system audit carried out by a firm of global repute, with detailed proposal for the statutory and administrative reforms, which would then be considered by CAF EXCO before being presented to the General Assembly for approval and subsequent implementation,” said Mr. Bility.

Mr. Bility made a damning derogatory remarks about FIFA President Gianno Infantino by claiming that, there have been a consistent rumours within the football politic and the problems at CAF have allowed Mr. Infantino to find a way to permanently offload his Secretary – General and Chief Executive Officer Fatma Samoura.

Mr. Bility held the President of CAF Mr Ahmad Ahmad responsible and accountable for current occurrences within the organization indicating that, Mr Ahmad is playing semantics by continuously stating that CAF are in crisis though he, Ahmad is aware of CAF generating the crisis by itself spontaneously.

He added that, CAF president has brazenly violated CAF statutes consistently with the silent acquiescence of FIFA and its so-called Ethics Committee who was “quick and swift” on suspending the former Vice President of CAF, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi based on a videos recording of an “incident” and yet fails to act in case of the day light arrest of Ahmad in Paris in connection with a “corruption investigation relating to funds directly linked to CAF.

“In 2018, I raised the alarm when I learnt that funds meant to the Liberia FA had been moved from the account and diverted to some mysterious bank account in the name of art gallery in Poland of which I wrote series of emails to the CAF President informing him these unusual occurrences and the possibility that this may not have been isolated incidence and instead of making moves towards getting to the bottom of this states of affairs at CAF, Mr Ahmed shocked me by telling my Exco colleagues that I have conspired with members of CAF secretariat to divert funds to the Polish shell company,” Mr. Bility alleged.

On the other hand, Bility stated that after he had exerted sufficient internal pressure on CAF, an internal views were undertaken, which discovered that indeed, large sums of money had been taken from CAF accounts and the culprits identified, but to date no further actions on these individuals has been taken by CAF and status quo remains.

Bility revealed that, three months ago, the CAF Exco ordered a forensic audit into the CAF accounts and management systems, but the president simply refused to implement the decision, yet he is happy to accept FIFA “assistance” in the exact same vein and even more sinister was the assertion by the CAF President that he implements all CAF Exco decisions regardless how wrong or misguided they may be, including his decision to have the Champions League replayed which the Exco decided and spoke against.

The Exco Member confirmed that he would immediately file a case at the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS), inquest of seeking to have court find the “COOPERATION AGGREMENT” between CAF and FIFA null and void with immediate effect to compel CAF to implement the decision of the CAF Exco on a forensic and management audit whose report shall be part of the deliberations at the General Assembly.

“It is my considered opinion that cannot reform CAF by starting off with a trampling-on of statutes and then also it will simply imply that they are not important and give green light fish the continued disrespect and I hope that Court of Arbitration of Sports (CAS) would give interim orders stopping the hostile takeover of CAF by FIFA and especially the decision to bring Fatma Samoura to head the CAF secretariat “, Mr. Bility concluded.

By Delrand Ansah Mensah Whyte (SKIPPER)


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