FIFA Orders Africa To Sign Media Rights Mandate For Two World Cups


The Federation of International Football Association FIFA has asked the 54 member associations of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) to sign a mandatory media rights agreement.

According toa release from FIFA yesterday, the agreement will give the world governing body the right to implement a central marketing plan to market and commercialise the media rights for the FIFA African Qualifiers 2022 & 2026.”

In a letter issued by Fatma Samoura, FIFA’s Secretary-General and General Delegate for Africa, she told the 54 associations to sign and return the mandate (published below) no later than Wednesday 21 August.

Under the centralisation arrangement, FIFA has proposed that: “All media rights (first, second and third-party) including live, delayed and highlights coverage, and on all distribution platforms to all matches of the FIFA African Qualifiers 2022 and 2026 (including the playoffs), to be centrally marketed by FIFA.”

“All net revenues generated through the centrally marketed media rights will be fully distributed amongst the 54 African member associations of FIFA and members of CAF…”

The open-ended nature of this mandate would mean that expenses incurred by FIFA to manage the media rights of the 2022 and 2026 World Cup qualifiers for Africa could also involve significant consultancy and agency fees, which CAF’s 54 members, after signing the mandate, would be in no position to influence or object to, as FIFA would have the sole right on such matters.





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