Fella Makafui Curses Ghanaian Bloggers & Trolls


A livid Fella Makafui has rained insults and curses at Ghanaian journalists and bloggers who continue to tarnish her supposedly hard won reputation. According to the Ghanaian actress and entrepreneur, she’s so tired with the negative publicity so much that she’ll now match any ‘stupid’ blogger boot for boot in the coming days.

It’s not only bloggers the young lady is angry at; her rants are equally targeted at the cyber-bullies and trolls who are always on her neck for something she has not even done.

Admittedly, Fella Makafui is one of the most bashed female celebrities in Ghana. Recently, rapper Strongman picked on her in his Immortal diss song he shot at her boyfriend, Medikal. When she was asked in a new interview whether she expects any apology from the rapper, she stubbornly replied in the negative.

Fella has had the insult and cyber-bulling up to her neck and she says all those who indulge in this will die prematurely. She really said a lot in the post below which ultimately tells she’s really pissed off and cannot take any longer.


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