Fear grips Ghana Police Service as Anas releases latest expose’ on ‘’Bad Cops’’

There is currently uneasy calmness within the Ghana Police Service as Anas Aremeyaw Anas is set to release his latest undercover expose’.

The current expose’ focuses on some dishonest police officers in the country who play diverse roles leading to carnages on our roads.

The latest documentary by Tiger Eye PI, titled ‘’Bad Cops’’ shows some miscreants among the Police Service using their job to perpetrate wrongful acts that go against the mandate and principles of the Service.

This undercover investigations comes in the wake of ‘’Justice in the eye of God’’ by the renowned investigative journalist which shook the foundation of Ghana’s judiciary.

The investigative piece subsequently lead to the dismissal of many judges who were caught on tape compromising their profession.

Meanwhile the new full video documentary released by Anas on the police, however, is geared towards creating road safety awareness and responsibilities among the general Ghanaian public and especially the Police MTTU.