FDA bans six herbal medicines

The Food and Drugs Authority has recalled six so called herbal medicines from the market after probe revealed that they have been laced with a substance for treating erectile dysfunction.

The drugs including X Plus Men Power Bitters Syrup, Laud P Capsules, Vigoupa Capsules and Time Natural Capsules.

“Six of them have this active ingredient for sexual enhancement and it is not supposed to be a herbal product. So when for instance if someone brings a product to FDA to register as a herbal medicine and then you go and put in something else for the product to appear in a different way outside the purpose for which it was registered then its a deception to the general public. We have immediately canceled the market authorization we have given these products so they have been banned,” James Lartey, PRO of the FDA said.
He said advertisements on the said drugs have also been halted.

The FDA has also hinted that it will apply regulatory sanctions against the producers of the said drugs.