Family shaves hair in solidarity with cancer-battling mum

The brave charming family

A family in Nairobi Kenya has taken the fight against cancer to a whole new level. The entire family shaved its hair in solidarity to their cancer hit mother who lost her hair through chemotherapy.

Cancer has become a scare to most people by the day and more people have become careful and are really trying hard not to ”catch” the disease.

It is, however, a different story to those who already have it as they have to deal with a myriad of issues such as hair loss and what have you.

Monica Binti Ngere, the Nairobi-based woman, is one strong woman ailing from breast cancer but has not let the disease dampen her spirits.

The mother of two has strongly been battling the disease for sometimes now and impressed many with her determination to get well.

Ngere recently touched hearts on social media after sharing about how her family, including hubby and kids decided to shave their heads in solidarity with her.

According to the mum, she noticed her hair had began to fall off due to chemotherapy and thought it wise to hit the barbershop for a shave.

”So today my hair is off due to chemotherapy, I am not changing who I am. It is only a symbol of step in a process, a process that I have to go through on my journey to healing!”

“Am I worried about the awkward stares? Maybe a bit but whoever judges or stares does not know my story, my journey and it’s not their business to! I will flaunt it when I feel like, and when I feel like I will wear a wig (men sneer again, like I said if I bought it is mine! Kwa Raha zangu),’ she captioned their photos.

In a bid to cheer her up and show her support, her family joined her at the barbershop and had their hairs shaved save for one of her kids who ”sneaked” out.

Excited Ngere could not help but thank her family for their support and share the same on her Facebook account.

”My babies and Charley joined me in solidarity. We are all bald except Jabali (Ameponyoka! Ha ha infant privilege!) So if you meet me out there, stare if you want! Laugh if you want!”
“My 27 corners are all laid bare for all to see (Ps ask God why he gave me those!). I will probably laugh with you. After chemo my hair will grow back and if it doesn’t, weave shops are still open!”

“By the way be you, fear no one, laugh off your little imperfections, enjoy life, where you are is a step in a process, don’t sweat it, it will pass! Kick! No process should change who you are unless you are becoming a better you! Bye weave for now, let me save Le hubby a few coins for salon visits,” she added.

Her post attracted the attention of many Facebook users who lauded her family for the move.



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