Fake Soldier Arrested


A man parading as a military officer has been apprehended by the Ghana Police at Aplaku, in the Greater Accra Region.Prince Essel, was arrested by a Police patrol team with a number of military recruitment forms, a jackknife, a pair of handcuffs, a first aid box with two lighters and dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp.

The suspect caught the attention of the Police by his odd behaviour after attempting to hide when he realized they were drawing near to where he was. He drove off in a white Mitsubishi saloon car which he was driving and was hotly pursued by the police before he was apprehended.

Queried about the military unit he belonged to, Essel could not give a solid answer and was subsequently detained. He later admitted, he was not a military man and had never served in the army.

Police have finalized the paperwork for commencement of legal proceedings against him.



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