Eric Cantona’s message to Liverpool and Spurs fans


Cantona sent the internet into meltdown after he posted an explicit egg video to Instagram last month.

The clip was quickly deleted but the enigmatic Frenchman clearly hasn’t forgotten it.

In a video posted by, Cantona is seen telling Tottenham and Liverpool fans to enjoy the sights of Madrid, Spain when they travel to watch the 2019 UEFA Champions League showdown.

After his cultural guide to the Spanish capital, he is seen approaching some sleeping fans.

Spanish omelette anyone?” he asks, before holding out an egg.

“And now, how should I crack this?”

The 53-year-old bursts into laughter before the clip comes to an end.

The hilarious footage was accompanied by some interesting research by

They found that 43% of fans said they went to a pub or bar on their last European away trip, while 55% said they aimed to find food that originates from their country rather than sampling the local cuisine.

A shocking 5% don’t even know what city they’re in.


Another part of the video shows the football legend saying: “Football fans, welcome to Madrid.

“Open your eyes. You are not enjoying the museum, you are missing the history, you are not tasting the places you visit.

“Learn the language. Meet people. Be the best fan.”

Cantona also urged fans to stay clear of their much-loved kebabs and try a dish more culturally fitting to Spain, such as pigs ears.

He said fans should treat the cities they travel to as a “big pitch”.




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