Editorial: Society’s Sad Craving For Clout In The Social Media Space


One of the worrying trends in recent times is how social media has become a tool for all forms of shameless attention seeking. Self-respect and reputation is repeatedly thrown out the window for a few thousands of likes and shares.

There have been several posts that in my opinion are needless, to say the least. Countless times, we see young men and women degrading themselves by putting up sexually explicit posts for all to see. You cannot scroll through your twitter feed without chancing upon a twerk video or even worse, some couple showing of their intimate moments for all to see. However, when the relationship ends, it only brings regrets and all of those videos and pictures are immediately deleted.

Even worse, are those that publicize their “so-called” good deeds to millions of their followers for attention. Ghanaian-American filmmaker, Leila Djansi put it right when she compared public philantropy on social media as a self serving act. Indeed, if your good deeds arent self serving, then why the need to put it out there in public for all to see? True works of selflessness are usually anonymous.

Outside the shores of Ghana, the issue of clout-chasing is a daily occurrence. Just a month ago, I opened my instagram feed to see mother of American Model Blac Chyna “bussing it wide open for the gram”. The 48yr old grandmother was stark naked while shaking her bare behind on live video for millions of her followers.

When you come to Ghana. Its no different. We have so many individuals who have shot up to fame overnight only because they put up some controversial, attention-seeking post on their social media handles to court attention.

Others have used it as platform to lure their partners into recording intimate acts and later leak them into the public domain as “revenge-porn” when the relationship turns sour. Its even more worrying that some other individuals will record and leak their own sextapes into the public domain for fame; no matter how infamous it turns out to be.

You cannot entirely blame these “celebs” though, if we are going by likes and shares, its clear that the public loves controversial content and that is how these individuals thrive and fulfill their clout-chasing requirement. Indeed, if Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame is anything to go by, then controversy and sexual content is the surest way to reach the apex of the celebrity ladder.

However, this same clout vanishes overnight with the individuals left in their own empty shell of regret and a fractured reputation. There have been countless stories of people who have outrightly ended their lives because the money and the fame was not enough to ensure peace of mind.

Ofcourse, its your own account. Its your body. Its your life. But since no human being is an island, think about the impact you’re having on the younger generation (or your own children) before you pick up your smartphone to “buss it open live for your followers”.


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