Driver & Mate Who Assaulted Police Officer Caged Until April 1



A bus driver and his conductor who were captured in a viral video on social media, assaulting a police officer have been remanded and are scheduled to appear in court next month. In the video, the driver and his assistant (popularly referred to as “mate” in Ghana),  were seen shedding tears and complaining about how they were initially been assaulted by the police officer they attacked.

“What crime have I committed? Look at my nose. He [the Police officer] hurt me,” the driver said to the person filming him. It is believed that the suspects pleaded not guilty to assaulting a police officer.

The two have also been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime and causing unlawful damage. Several Ghanaians on social media have condemned the actions of the accused with most saying it was wrong for civilians to attack police officers.

Several other Ghanaians have also criticized the Ghana Police Service for their fast-tracking of the prosecution of the driver and his mate who attacked one of their own while policemen who have assaulted citizens are still at post.

Head of Public Affairs Unit of the Greater Accra Police Command, DSP Effia Tenge

The Head of Public Affairs Unit of the Greater Accra Police Command, DSP Effia Tenge explained that the incident occurred when the driver was stopped by the officer after he disobeyed road traffic laws.

Media report indicates that, the incident happened on Thursday, March 14, when the driver stopped in the middle of the road at Weija for some passengers which led to a build-up of traffic and a minor accident involving a motorbike.

The assaulted officer who noticed the incident quickly went to the scene. The driver, upon noticing the policeman, sped off but was given a hot chase by the officer who rode on a motorbike.

The officer then ordered the driver to stop the vehicle and move with him to the police station but the driver and his mate refused and launched an attack on the officer, leaving onlookers shocked.

The officer called for police assistance, causing the two offenders to flee the scene, leaving behind the vehicle. The vehicle was subsequently towed to the Odorkor Police Station.

According to DSP Effia Tenge, “the police is appalled by the kind of growing lawlessness especially by drivers and motorists on the routes of Accra and to a larger extent the entire country.”

“The police administration and the regional command will like to state that this kind of growing lawlessness will not be countenanced and these people will be made to face the full rigours of the law.”


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