Dr. BAwumia Tells Youth To Resist “political warlords” And Their Vigilantes


The Vice president of the 4th Republic of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has encouraged the Ghanaian youth to rise beyond political begotories and resist attempts of being influenced into engaging in any anti – social activities, peculiarly, political vigilantism.

The Veep made this admonishment while speaking at the 51st Anniversary ceremony of the birth of Prophet Muhammed (SAW) by Sheikh Abdul Wahud in Kumasi over the weekend.

In the midst of vigilantism becoming a negative connotation, as political party members who belong to such groups have been causing violence in the country, Dr. Bawumia has encouraged the youth to forms groupings geared towards their welfare and societal development.

These were his words, “we don’t  want to hear about come and help us fight. We want to hear about jobs, education and business. What we want them to do is to form ‘joblantes’.

“Let’s form ‘educationlantes’ to get education and let’s form ‘busilantes’ to get growth in our businesses. That is what we want any politician to give our people.”

Dr. Bawumia conveyed his grief concern over the increasing engagement of the youth in political vigilantism and other anti – social behaviours. He particularly bemoaned how the said behaviours are been attributed to the youth coming from Zongo communities, while enumerating the enormous potentials of the youth.

“Allah has blessed the Zongo youth with multiple positive attributes and talents such as strength, courage, knowledge, sports skill, entrepreneurship, vocational skill, etc. and I want to urge the youth of this country, particularly my dear brothers in the Zongo Communities to put their God-given talents to good use for their own benefits and for the benefit of their respective families, communities as well as the nation.

“The youth of our country, particularly my brothers from the Zongo Communities, should not, under any circumstance, avail themselves to be used for any illegal activity, which also pose great risks to their valuable and cherished lives, he added.


It is instructive that the politicians who encourage political vigilantism and recruit such persons do not involve their children in such activities, Vice President Bawumia pointed out, adding, “They come to you and tell you to go and perpetuate violence and other acts while their own children are in school, doing good jobs or abroad working to better their lives. When these politicians come to you, ask them why they are not using their own children to do what they’re asking you to do.”

According to the Vice president, Government, will continue to invest in policies and programmes designed to provide jobs and improve Ghana’s human capital, including the Free Senior High School programme, Planting for Food and Jobs, One Village One Dam, and the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO).

Dr, Bawumia has since encouraged the Muslim youth to be “positive ambassadors of our great religion by eschewing violence and intolerance. As I said earlier, under no circumstance should we allow ourselves to be used as destructive tools to perpetuate violence and all sorts of unacceptable acts.”



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