Desist From Self-medication And Quack Doctors

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The general population has been advice to cease from practising self-medicine and furthermore avoid the services of quack doctors since participating in such practices can jeopardize their wellbeing.

A retired midwife and founder of “Hajia Damata Foundation,” Hajia Damata Sulemana, who gave the counsel in Accra, said engaging the services of non-professionals could lead to wrong administration of drugs with its resultant effects of antibiotic resistance, skin problems, hypersensitivity and allergies adding that, it could also lead to death.

“Death is inevitable but in some cases it is avoidable. God has not created us to die young but due to our ignorance and insensitivity to good health cultures, we die prematurely,” she included.


Hajia Damata was addressing the Daily Graphic preceding the gift of nine, “dead body showering platfirms” worth GH₵ 12,000 for circulation to nine mosques inside the Ayawaso North and East regions in the Greater Accra Region at an event at Nima last Saturday.

Washing of a dead body in the Islamic religion is alluded to as “Ghusl Mayyit.” It is generally completed on wooden structures, however as indicated by Hajia Damata, “this strategy is unhygienic, upsetting and undignifying to the withdrawing soul.”

The stage is a metallic structure created to make the activity more sterile and less upsetting.


As per Hajia Damata, she had painfully observe watching individuals battle to shower dead relatives. This, she clarified, was the inspiration driving the gift to guarantee that, “no family goes through such experiences again.

“This is a part of my Islamic obligation to mankind and most particularly, my community,” she added.


The pioneer of the Imam Mosque at Mamobi, Kamal Deen Said, complimented Hajia Damata Foundation for the gesture and said the office would aid the communities benefitting to perform the “Ghusl Mayyit” rituals in an additionally exalting way.

The Assembly Man for the Kwaotsuru Electoral Area in Accra New Town, Prince Nuhu Salifu, said Hajia Damata, by the donation, had shown her affection and worry for the welfare of the general public.

As far as concerns him, a community leader, Major (Retired) Abdulai Awudu, begged the general public to imitate the case of Hajia Damata. He additionally spoke to guardians to guarantee that they enlisted their kids in school and for the adolescent to consider their education important to empower them to have a constructive outcome on their lives and networks.


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