Defense Minister: 500-Bed Military Hospital To Be Completed in December


A 500-bed military hospital with residential facilities in Afari in the Ashanti Region, which started in August 2008 is set to be completed later this year, ten years after the project was first initiated.

The hospital, which was to be constructed in Sofoline, Kumasi as a turnkey contract was to have been completed in 2010, however, site and document issues delayed commencement of the project until 2017.

Contract for the hospital was approved by Parliament in October 2008 but was revised in January 2010 and the project relocated to Tamale.

Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, who disclosed this in response to a Parliamentary question indicated the project was further relocated from Tamale to Accra at the 37 Military Hospital and then finally to Afari, Nkawie in the Atwima Nwabiagya Municipality.

According to him, site challenges and documentation requirements delayed the project until construction commenced in 2014.

He said, “Though the contract was signed in 2008, actual construction started in 2014 with Messrs M. Barbisotti & Sons (MBS) as sub contractors and Messrs Euroget Da Invest SA (EDI) as the main contractors.”

“The project was to be completed in July 2016 per the contract signed. However, due to issues with tax exemption approval, which prevented the Contractor EDI from procuring materials and equipment in large quantities to accelerate the project, work slowed down delaying the project.”

Mr. Nitiwul stated Messrs EDI was finally granted Tax Exemption in 2017 after being on site for almost three years and as a result a new completion date was proposed for 2018.

According to him, in April 2018 the project suffered contractual disputes between the main contractor, Messrs EDI and the subcontractors, Messrs MBS and Messrs HANISA, which lasted eight months leading to determination of the subcontracts.

The Ministry, he said, was compelled to re-award the sub-contracts to new sub-contractors, Messrs Africa Building Partners (ABP) and Messrs Core Construction, which took a while due to background checks required and completion of all necessary documentation.

The new contractors, he said, moved to site finally in November 2018 to commence work which has steadily progressed to date without break.

A team from the Ministry and the Contractors, he said, has visited Philips, the medical equipment manufacturers to inspect the equipment to be supplied in Holland and China and have reported satisfaction with the equipment to be provided.


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