David Luiz Fingered In Chelsea Rebellion


A bizarre occurrence in the final minutes of the EFL Cup final between Chelsea and Manchester City left spectators at a loss, last Sunday at Wembley.


Chelsea manager Maurzio Sarri and goalkeeper Kepa Arrizaballaga were in the center of view when a failed bid to substitute the young Spanish goalie infuriated the manager as he threatened to leave the stadium, kicking bottles and throwing his arms in anger as the Chelsea goalie resisted the call for him to be replaced by veteran goalie Willy Caballero.

Image result for david luiz and kepaChelsea defender David Luiz has come under criticism as fans suggest he encouraged the goalie to ignore the substitution call and whispered things into the goalie’s ears that emboldened him.

Luiz who has come under fire by a chunk of Chelsea fans for his hot and cold performances this season appeared content with Kepa’s decision and proceeded to take his penalty kick in the shootout, which he missed.  Up came Raheem Sterling who put his penalty kick beyond the reach of the Chelsea goalie to leave him without consolation as City left Wembley with yet another silverware.






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