Confusion: Police, Families Of Kidnapped Girls Deny Media Reports


Families of the three kidnapped girls are in a state of quandary following Daily Guide reports claiming that the girls have been found and are receiving treatment at an undisclosed medical facility.

However, the police administration has come out swiftly to deny any knowledge about this recent development.

Some few weeks ago, the CID boss, Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo Danquah, in a press conference announced that the police administration has closed in on the kidnapped girls and knew their whereabouts.

This announcement sparked public agitation, calling for the CID boss to produce the kids if indeed the police knew where the girls were.

Meanwhile, speaking on the issue on ‘Pulse’ Joy News current affairs program on Wednesday, security analyst, Adams Bona hinted that, the police have been involved in a lot of movement after the news of the girls broke that they have been found.

“My checks at BNI and some heads of the police administration, indicate that, the girls have not been found. The police must be given enough time to get to the root of this issue,” he revealed.

The families of the girls have promised to stage a demonstration to demand their children at the police headquarters if they police fail to produce them.

The girls, Priscilla Mantabea Koranchie 18 years, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, 21 and Ruth Love Quayson 18, were all kidnapped somewhere last year in Takoradi. The girls have since not been found.


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