Commonwealth Secretariat Commits to CAYE Africa


Programme Manager in charge of Social Policy Development at the Commonwealth Secretariat, Mr. Sushil Ramha, s expressed the Secretariat’s strong commitment to the formation of a Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs in Africa (CAYE-Africa).

Mr. Sushil was speaking to Executive Director of Youth Business Network Foundation, Solomon Adjei in Accra after a National Youth Policy Review workshop.

He indicated that key challenges facing youth in most countries, especially in Africa include high rate of unemployment and under-employment.

According to him, the Commonwealth is committed to averting this situation by helping member states strengthen policy frameworks around the youth and promoting employment and entrepreneurship, to create enabling environment that will ensure young businesses succeed.

In May this year, young entrepreneurs from 17 countries met in Tanzania to work on a framework and a road map to forming the new CAYE Africa, scheduled to be officially launched in 6 months.

CAYE Africa is going to be a platform for the young entrepreneurs to network, share business ideas and create partnerships and trade among themselves in all commonwealth countries.

Some of the key outcomes include selection of an interim leadership mandated to lead in developing advocacy policy framework, and to organize a major summit opened to all young entrepreneurs within the Commonwealth countries in Africa.

The Commonwealth, he said, is very committed to ensure these new leaders succeed by providing them with all the logistics they need, including building partnerships, financing, mentoring, and access to policy makers among others.

Sushil applauded all young entrepreneurs and encouraged them to join the CAYE Africa network because it will bring them tremendous benefits, including access to global market, as the commonwealth is very keen on intra-commonwealth trade.


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