CID Intrusion into Galamsey Fraud Probe Total Waste of Resources – Tiger Eye


Private investigate outfit, Tiger Eye P.I. has described the involvement of the Ghana Police Service in the ‘Galamsey Fraud Part I’ investigations as needless intrusion into work of the Special Prosecutor.

According to the outfit, it did not petition the Police over the matter and therefore its investigation was pointless duplication and total waste of resources.

Tiger Eye, however, welcomed decision of the Police Service to remove itself from the investigation.

A purported statement from the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service had suggested the Police is no longer interested in investigating the issue, which involved undercover investigations undertaken by Tiger Eye.

A release from Tiger Eye in response to the purported statement indicates though it is framed in language suggestive of the exoneration of Mr. Charles Bissue of fraud and abuse of office, the matter is still under investigation by Office of the Special Prosecutor.

The release said, “The Ghana Police Service has conducted itself in this matter as an unhappy unsolicited busybody with no real substance to inform a decision.”

“The Office of the Special Prosecutor is fully sized with the matter and it is still conducting its investigations.”

“Tiger Eye Pl understands the police to be saying that it does not have the required evidence which is properly before the Office of the Special Prosecutor.”

“And so it is only fair that the police discontinue with its work and focus on other equally important tasks including finding the killers of Ahmed Hussein Suale.

A journalist with Tiger Eye P.l. who was murdered in cold blood in January 20l9 as well as the missing Takoradi girls and other seemingly cold case files.”

In February 20l9, Tiger Eye submitted a petition to the Office of Special Prosecutor at the same time as the ‘Galamsey Fraud’ documentary was published.

The outfit indicates it deems the Office of Special Prosecutor most suitable to investigate this matter that also involves politically exposed persons.


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