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I wonder what has become of our rich,  unadulterated African culture and its values. In the days of our parents and great grandparents, life had a value from a completely different perspective.  Before a man ever set his eyes on a woman’s nakedness, he first had to pay her dowry and be  married through the appropriate channels.  It was considered an abomination for a woman to expose certain parts of her body to the public. Incidents of rape and STI’s were not that common in the time of our parents because of our conservative lifestyle.

It used to be said that the dignity of a man is in his strength and that of a woman is in her virginity. Young ladies were encouraged to protect their treasure and to maintain some sort of dignity and respect for themselves , and their family at large.

We had the movie industry in the past. The movie academy for instance was a booming business and acting was considered a noble profession.

Ghana from time immemorial used to be endowed with excellent actors and actresses that entertained the public with movies filled with life changing stories that transformed our consciousness, teased our intellect and at the same time educated the general  public immensely.  We had original story lines that changed lives. My favourites were “Love brewed in  the African pot” by Kow Ansah, “Heritage Africa”  also by Kow Ansah, and “I told you so”.

Mr. Joe Eyison populary known in the time as Station master, Madam Margaret Quainoo, popularly known as Araba Stamp, Madam Alexandria, all of blessed memory were illustrious sons and daughters of our land that contributed immensely to get our industry to its present glory. The roles they played in the movies of their time have shaped our lives immensely till date. We still feed on the moral lessons harvested from those movies and certain folk tales that we know today were brewed by these veterans.

One beautiful thing worth mentioning is that Araba Stamp, who was revered as the “Nadia Buari” or “Jackie Appiah” of her time and many other astute actresses  in the 60’s managed to remain relevant in the acting profession because of their God given talents and there was not a single account whatsoever of any situation where they had to go naked before the camera to pose for a picture to show their cleavages. The talents and passion for acting was a natural phenomenon and it spoke for itself.

Today, not quite the same can be said of the movies we see. They are filled with a lot of sex scenes and filthy talks that lives much to be desired. Actresses have belittled themselves to the extent of posing naked for pictures which is later circulated on social media for popularity.

Moesha Buduong , Bibi Bright, Princess Shyngle and a couple of other shameless hungry “actresses” are just but a few perpetrators of this horrible act.

One of the three Christabel Ekeh ‘s Nude Photos she released

One of the recent incident that made me lament so bitterly had to do with the shameful publicity stunt pulled by Christabel  Ekeh.

One of the recent crop of “innocent” (or so I thought) actresses that I used to admire and respect so much. She had the effrontery to intentionally pose for a completely nude photo and leak it to the general public for attention.

This to me is like a refined form of prostitution. I have been of the view that acting as a profession in Ghana doesn’t pay that much and some actors and actresses who drive around in “big cars” must be doing some extra curricula jobs to sustain their extravagant lifestyle and livelihood. She just confirmed the notion I have always held in mind. Because with the recent development regarding her crave for attention by using nudity, I can comfortably infer that Christabel Ekeh is an astute prostitute disguised as an actress who is promoting her trade indirectly by using the media, that explains why she drives all those flashy cars that an average honest Ghanaian doctor can’t even afford to dream of. To me, she has taken this acting game to a whole new level and as it seems now, her nude photos suggest that she is just three shades away from acting a best selling pornographic movie. Her sudden decision to join the league of untalented actresses who sell their trade by flaunting their nakedness in public and offering sexual pleasures to certain class of rich people for special favours sends shocks down my spine. This is because, she used to be revered as one of the most talented and “innocent” looking young actresses, who had great respect for humanity and morality.

Apparently, everyone is hungry for attention and hence are looking to the wrong direction for the means to remain relevant. We don’t know whom to trust any more and neither can we predict the kind of thoughts that runs through peoples mind. Neither can we explain how different the brain of a goat from that of some human beings. What happened to the several years of good education she received from both her parents and teachers ? What happened to all those notes she took during all the symposia she attended on women empowerment ? Can someone explain to me what women empowerment is all about?

With the current trend of immoral dogma that is hitting the media, I figured that perhaps I should have taken some lessons in human behaviour back in my days at the University. Lately, I seem to be leaning towards  the idea of knowing the thoughts that run through people’s mind and the rationale behind certain infantile decisions they take.  I could actually make a fortune out of this career given that the number of attention freaking imbeciles disguised as actresses who trade their nakedness for fame in our country is on the hike.

I sincerely hope that she surmount all the courage she has to endure the journey ahead. In that, brutalities and gross disrespect she might suffer at the hands of some men who already have no respect for all women. Only for her to show off her full nakedness to the public. She should be ready to deal with the fact that, when people see her in movies, they won’t see that talented young actress but see her as a mere sexual object that can be used to satisfy that burning desires.

Freddy Mawuli

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