Chelsea News: Britain’s Richest Man ‘In Talks’ To Buy The Blues


Britain’s richest man Sir Jim Ratcliffe has confirmed he is in talks to buy Premier League side, Chelsea.

Ratcliffe who has a personal fortune of £21bn, saw his bid of £2bn last year rejected by Roman Abramovic as reported by The Times. The current Chelsea owner not looking to sell the Stamford Bridge side, despite the UK government withdrawing his British visa over allegations of financial irregularities.

“You’d never say no, but I don’t know where those conversations will finish,” he told reporters.

“I am a big Manchester United fan. In fact, I am a tortured Manchester United fan at the moment, to be honest. We have dipped our toe in the water with football, it’s a very different sport, quite a complicated sport, a complicated world. We are in the process of learning about it. We bought this club in Switzerland and it has been really educational.”

“We haven’t got to where we are in the chemicals and business world by being impetuous, rash and stupid. We recognised it is a very complex world, we are going through the process of learning and we are not in a desperate hurry to get to the end game.”

Ratcliffe is the owner of petrochemical company Ineos and bought Swiss side FC Lausanne-Sport in 2018.


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