Can We Ever Stop Queuing?

Can We Ever Stop Queuing

The procedure engaged in persistently waiting in line till it’s your turn, is a very priceless virtue Ghanaians have been forced to posses.

As though it isn’t sufficient to know someone that knows someone that knows someone to quicken a specific procedure for you and even at that, you would have to hold up in line.

It is already a terrible ordeal that you need to queue to gain an international ID, change your name, enlist for a national recognised identification card or anything that distinguishes you as a resident.

Presently it is a much more repulsive procedure to get a commercial vehicle locally termed as trotro to go home.

Ah! My continuous experience between 5pm to 8pm is rather frustrating.

I hear that after 8pm there is regularly no line since the streets are drained of activity yet remaining in the workplace till after 8pm will be hazardous for me and we as a whole know how unsafe trotro stations can get at such occasions, so that isn’t an alternative up for dialog.

Anyway, I hear such hours are known as the rush hour where workers that utilize the main streets are heading home so the movement can be unendurable even in your very own vehicle, that is the reason there is a line.

I normally use the atomic-junction trotro station and I join the Ashongman estate queue and I must say it is not a joke.

The queue experience

Individuals from varying backgrounds going a similar heading generally meet in the line.

It could be fun when the one preceding or after you isn’t generally baffled and isn’t in a rush so can pass an entertaining remark to occupy you from pausing.

Or on the other hand there are the telephone calls that never end and afterward (my undisputed top choice) the repetitive station ace difficult traveler contentions that continue forever…

Till at that point, the hold up progresses toward becoming something different when you are separated from everyone else with your contemplations and acutely checking the line to push ahead. That unquestionably isn’t enjoyable.

Undeveloped Connecting roads

It is likewise strenuous for trotro to hold up in rush hour traffic as this represents a considerable measure of danger like over-heated engines and other related dangers to their vehicles.

For this reason, drivers tend to create certain connecting paths to their destination.

This move affects the car’s shock system and causes fluid leaks since the streets are mostly sloppy and rough however they prefer it to sitting in rush hour traffic.

This likewise makes the queue encounters intolerable and disappointing in light of the fact that subsequent to remaining in it for quite a while, the loaded up vehicle keeps bouncing here and there, abandoning you with more body pains.

The Transport situation in Ghana at present

The lengthy unending queues in stations are normally due to the traffic situation on our roads, the absence of an efficient railway industry and the lack of developed connecting roads.

I recently read that in government’s bid to ease the traffic on our roads and revamp the railway industry, the Minister for Railways Development, Hon. Joe Ghartey signed an MOU with the Africa Investment (Ai) SkyTrain Consortium, based in South Africa, for the construction of the Accra Sky Train Project.

With Accra experiencing ever-increasing road traffic congestion, with its detrimental effects on economic activity, pollution and the quality of life, the SkyTrainÔ project, Hon. Joe. Ghartey emphasized, is the solution to these problems.

“There is confidence in the project. The promoters (Ai SkyTrain Consortium) are very serious, and that is why we invited the President, himself, to witness the signing. This should assure the investors that Government is solidly behind it. The economics of this project are also good. We are very excited about the prospects,” he said.

“Today, we have signed an MoU which will last nine (9) months, where they (Ai SkyTrain Consortium) can do their feasibility into detail. By January 2020, we should start the construction of the project,” the Railways Minister said.

South Africa’s Deputy Minister for Transport, Sindisiwe Lydia Chikunga, who was present at the signing ceremony stated that “we are very excited, and we hope that, in due time, we will witness the construction in 2020.

We applaud the government for such a move but till 2020, I suggest that we please find a more workable solution to avoid unnecessary queuing at the stations.


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