Camara Nguessen Wants To See Better Hearts of Oak In The Second Round

Hearts of Oak midfielder Camara Nguessen says he want his side to up their game in the second round.

The Phobians finished the first round at the 10th position, a position the club’s teeming fans were not happy about.

But the tall lanky middleman wants to see a better Hearts of Oak side in the second round of this season’s campaign

“The break in the league has affected my rhythm,” Camara told the club’s website. “I did not start the season with the team and I have heard a few people say I did not start well in the games I have played but that is because I am now hitting my strides and picking my rhythm so it was hard for me. I tried to do my best in the games I played but I am working on some of the mistakes in my game and working on my strengths as well.”

“Training is different from match; training determines the way the match goes. Every week, you play a game to know whether you are ready or not. But now, we are only training and not playing so we cannot really gauge our level,” Camara continued.

“We are down on the league table and we want to get up. I want to beg the supporters of the club to be patient. We are working hard to come back better when the league resumes because we have not stopped training. We want to be ready when the league starts again.”